Frequently Asked Questions


Are loans available in all states?

No, state laws vary from state to state and are frequently changing. Please use our online “Get Started” form to start the process. If for some reasons your state doesn’t allow short-term loans we will notify you of your options.


Does your website cost anything to help me find a loan?

No, we offer a free referral service to try and find a lender for you.


How much money can I borrow?

The specific amount is determined by several factors including the state you reside in, lending laws of that state, and other factors determined by the lenders. Our lenders can loan anywhere from $300 to $5,000.


How long does it take for a decision on the loan?

Our lenders are very fast. Most people will have a decision within minutes while others may need a bit more time or may need to request additional information for the borrower.


What are the minimum requirements for a short -term loan?

-18 years of age or older.

-USA citizen or permanent resident

-Valid checking account

-Government issued ID

-Proof of income


How long does it take to receive the money?

After a lender deems you qualified the loan will be direct deposited into your checking account usually within 24-48 business hours.


When will my cash loan have to be repaid?

This depends on the type of loan and the state.


Can I get a loan if I have bad credit?

Yes, it is possible to get the loan you need even with bad credit. Many short term lenders work with people that have poor credit or no credit at all.


What are the interest rates?

Interest rates will vary but on short-term loans the interest rate is generally around 390%.


Can I come to your office and complete the paperwork there?

No, in order to streamline our process and to better serve our clients everything must be completed online. This helps us cut down on staff and provide faster service to all our clients.


Are there any additional resources that I can read about lending?

Yes, we have created a customer resource guide to better inform our customers on lending practices.