How Financing Works

3. Get Funded

Get the funds you need direct deposited into your account.

2. Receive Your Decision

Unlike traditional banks you can receive a decision as fast as a few minutes.

1. Submit Info

Connect with multiple lenders through one simple form.

Need a loan? We are here to help!

Do you need money right away? No matter what your situation is, we are here to help. We work with hundreds of lenders who provide loans from $300 up to $5,000. We understand money issues can arise for just about any reason. At The Loan Buddy, we help people every day because they need money fast. We make borrowing money easy and straightforward and all done online in the privacy of your own home.

Our process is painless, simple, and most decisions are made within minutes not days. Once you complete the online forms, we can get started in finding you a lender that will loan you the cash you need. To begin the loan process click on the “Get Started” button and you should have a decision within minutes.

Bad Credit OK


If you are looking to borrow money and have bad credit don’t worry, it is possible to get the loan you need. Our lenders can work with all sorts of credit issues, and some of them specialize in bad credit loans. Often with bad credit, you may only qualify for a small loan amount. Some lenders will work with you and provide larger loans if you make your payments on time.


Short-term Loans or Installment Loans

Our lenders offer both short-term as well as longer-term installment loans. If you need to borrow less than $1,000 often a short-term payday loan might fit your situation best. These type of loans are usually paid back within 14-30 days. They do have a higher interest rate but are much easier to qualify for.

If you are looking for a larger loan, then an installment loan may be the type of loan you need. Installment loans are generally paid back over one to five years. The interest rates are usually better but depend on your creditworthiness.

What You Will Need

Our lenders will require you to fill out some necessary information about you. You will need an active bank account. Your creditworthiness may not even be a requirement issue. You may also be eligible for an online loan yet if you have no credit history. The loan amount may range from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars, and the loan will be automatically deposited into your bank account.

Most lenders will require some information and documentation from you, to gauge eligibility. It’s important to gather up your documentation before starting the loan process. This will make it easier to complete the loan request documents. The additional documentation needed to finalize the processing of your online loan will vary according to the requirements of the lender. You may need to provide your social security number, or the last four digits, a W-2 or current pay stubs, picture ID, proof of residency and so on. You should be able to provide such info via photo screenshots or scanned documents converted into PDFs. Each situation is different, and the requirements may vary.